Your Student Representation

What can we do together?

At the University of Birmingham: Dubai, you are part of an academic community between teaching staff and students.

Student Reps

The Student Representation System, a partnership between the University and the Students’ Association, exist to make sure that your options and feedback on teaching and learning are heard.

Student Reps are elected on every programme or course of study to voice your opinion and to work positively with staff to make the academic community on campus the best it can be.

Each elected Student Rep may approach their role differently, but they all work to:

  • Gather student opinions and present them objectively to University staff.
  • Provide constructive feedback to University staff and work in conjunction with them to reach practical solutions that work for everybody.
  • Keep students informed about the University’s response to their feedback and solutions to any issues raised.

As an elected Student Rep, you’ll meet regularly with academic staff in Dubai to represent the voice of students and to develop positive solutions to improve teaching and learning on campus. You’ll develop communication, leadership, planning and negotiation skills which will help in your professional life, all whilst contributing to your campus community.

Sign Up To Be A Rep

Do you want to represent the academic interests of students at the University of Birmingham Dubai? You can do this by signing up to be a Student Rep below:

Your Student Rep Handbook

The Student Rep Handbook has all the information you need to get you started.

It will take you through your role, the system, as well as the support and development opportunities available to you so that you can be a great Student Rep.


Student Forum

The Student Forum is the primary representative body of the students at the Dubai Campus and is part of the Students’ Association in Dubai. It exists to promote activities on campus and to support social and academic unity among all students, no matter their background or culture.

Each academic year, 6 Student Leaders will be elected by students to form the Student Forum. Student Leaders ensure that the opinions of students are heard at the highest levels of the campus and meet regularly with the Director of Campus operations.

  1. To provide a recognised forum for communication between the student body, the University and the Student Association.
  2. To provide responsible and equitable student leadership to UoB Dubai’s diverse, multicultural student body.
  3. To play an active role in planning and coordinating student activities, events and culture.
  4. To recognise Dubai Students' Association's Student Groups.
  5. To enable student participation in the relevant University Committees and decision making structures at UoB Dubai.

Becoming a Student Leader is an exciting opportunity to develop your leadership skills, whilst representing the voice of all Dubai campus students. You will have a chance to be elected to Student Forum every year, and as a Student Leader will be contributing to your campus community, whilst developing communicative, planning and negotiation skills which will be useful in your professional life.